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2016 Combo Mens League 8.5
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Public Notes from NorCal:

The deadline to post home match dates is Tuesday September 6, 9 pm. Remember all players including captains must be rostered on the team before they play.

The deadline to complete all local league matches is December 11, 2016.  No Extensions (Except flights of EXACTLY 5 teams, check the notes on the standings page).  Matches not completed or recorded by the local league deadline count as losses for both teams in determination of playoff standings.

If you still need more players, contact the Get Connected Coordinator, 

Districts February 24 - 26, 2017 Schedule  Register Your Team

Sectionals March 25 - 26, 2017 Schedule  Register Your Team

Captain: Contreras, Eric
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Co-Captain: Brown, Sam
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Area: Monterey Bay

Web address: NA
Currently playing District 1
Please nominate your Captain or Co-Captain for the Blue Ribbon Captain Award in honor of possessing a high level of sportsmanship, leadership and integrity. All nominations will be considered toward the final Captain of the year award. The USTA Northern California Adult League Staff and Adult League Committee seek to honor captains who model high integrity and sportsmanship on and off the court, and are positive ambassadors for USTA league play. Click here to nominate!
Please nominate a player for the Blue Ribbon Recognition in honor of possessing a high level of sportsmanship on the court. Good sportsmanship makes tennis more fun for everyone. When recognizing a player who has displayed good sportsmanship you are helping to encourage this behavior. This type of behavior is a reflection of your team and helps set the tone for our leagues.Click here to nominate!

RoundMatches ScheduledMatches PlayedWinsLossesIndividual
Matches Won
PlayOff - 10311102
PlayOff - 12011103
District D1-21133033
Team Schedule  
Red  If a problem exists.
Status Match Match date Day Match time Opposing Team Home/
Outcome Blank
Score Card
Confirmed 2 (9/19-9/25) 09/20/16TueAll 3 at  6:00 PM warm up at 5:30
Last schedule update: 9/5/2016 9:39:45 PM
User:Jim Giancola
CARMEL VAC CM8.5A AwayWon 2-1-
Confirmed 1 (9/12-9/18) 09/25/16SunAll 3 at  9:30 AM at UCSC (west courts)
Last schedule update: 9/14/2016 12:06:30 PM
User:George Banuelos
JADE PK CM8.5A AwayWon 3-0-
Confirmed 6 (10/17-10/23) 10/23/16SunAll 3 at  11:00 AM
Last schedule update: 8/28/2016 7:50:50 PM
User:Oscar Venini
MONTEREY TC CM8.5A AwayWon 3-0-
Confirmed* 7 (10/24-10/30) 10/29/16SatAll 3 at  10:30 AM Courts 11, 12 and 13
Last schedule update: 8/29/2016 3:03:10 PM
User:Mark Sears
CHAMISAL TC CM8.5A AwayWon 2-1-
Confirmed 8 (10/31-11/6) 11/06/16SunAll 3 at  2:00 PM
Last schedule update: 9/5/2016 11:10:57 PM
User:Eric Contreras
Confirmed 9 (11/7-11/13) 11/12/16SatAll 3 at  9:30 AM
Last schedule update: 9/5/2016 11:10:57 PM
User:Eric Contreras
Confirmed 5 (10/10-10/16) 11/13/16SunAll 3 at  2:00 PM Rain Make up from 10/16
Last schedule update: 10/22/2016 10:23:37 AM
User:Eric Contreras
RIO DEL MAR CM8.5A HomeWon 3-0-
Confirmed* 4 (10/3-10/9) 11/27/16SunAll 3 at  1:00 PM rescheduled from 10/08
Last schedule update: 11/22/2016 7:32:43 AM
User:Kent Naraghi-Grcich
LA MADRONA SR CM8.5A AwayLost 1-2-
Confirmed 11 (11/28-12/4) 12/03/16SatAll 3 at  9:30 AM
Last schedule update: 9/5/2016 11:10:58 PM
User:Eric Contreras
CARMEL VAC CM8.5A HomeWon 3-0-
Confirmed 10 (11/14-11/20) 12/11/16SunAll 3 at  12:00 PM Rain Make up for 11/20
Last schedule update: 12/9/2016 10:07:46 AM
User:Eric Contreras
JADE PK CM8.5A HomeLost 1-2-
Confirmed PlayOff 01/05/17ThuAll 3 at  6:30 PM Moved up due to rain on 1/7-1/8
Last schedule update: 1/5/2017 12:05:14 PM
User:Eric Contreras
CHAMISAL TC CM8.5A HomeWon 3-0-
Confirmed PlayOff 01/15/17SunAll 3 at  4:00 PM
Last schedule update: 1/15/2017 8:48:49 PM
User:Eric Contreras
MONTEREY TC CM8.5A HomeWon 2-1-
Confirmed District 02/24/17Fri    GOLD RIVER RC CM8.5A [indoor/outdoor] AwayLost 1-2-
Confirmed District 02/25/17Sat    WALLENBERG PK CM8.5A HomeLost 1-2-
Confirmed District 02/25/17Sat    CLUBSPORT PL CM8.5A [3rd t's t charm] HomeLost 1-2-
Legend: o - Opponent entered the score card.

Team Roster
PlayerCityGenderRatingNP/SWExpirationWin/ LossMatchesDefaultsWin %SinglesDoublesPDSRostered
Amaris, Patrick AptosM4.5C8/31/20221 / 12^-50.00%-2---08/19/16
Banks, Jeremy AptosM4.5A6/30/202110 / 313^-76.92%-1323-08/17/16
Brown, Sam AptosM4.0C12/31/20200 / 55^-0.00%-5-3-08/19/16
Contreras, Eric WatsonvilleM4.5C3/31/20228 / 210^-80.00%-1023-07/28/16
Fitzgibbon, John La Selva BchM4.0C8/31/20231 / 23^-33.33%-3---08/21/16
Hilleary, Steve Santa CruzM4.0C2/28/20239 / 413^-69.23%-1322-08/26/16
Kesler, Kevin La Selva BchM4.0C3/31/202310 / 111^-90.91%-1121-08/29/16
Marinovich, Pete WatsonvilleM4.0C9/30/20204 / 15^-80.00%-5---08/17/16
Mindigo, Philip Scotts ValleyM4.5C4/30/20223 / 14^-75.00%-41--08/29/16
Overbeck, Charles Santa CruzM4.5C11/30/20204 / 15^-80.00%-5---09/08/16
Pelton, Craig WatsonvilleM4.5C12/31/20996 / 410^-60.00%-1013-08/17/16
Rindt, Michael WatsonvilleM4.0C7/31/20236 / 17^-85.71%-723-08/17/16
Sterling, Tad AptosM4.0C5/31/20222 / 02^-100.00%-2---11/06/16

  • NP/SW: Indicates National Player or Sectional Winner : Refer to the Move Up-Split Up rule for clarification. *Player has satisfied the Move-Up part of the rule.
  • Win/loss: Wins do not include default wins. Any numbers in ( ) indicate actual scores prior to eligibility adjustments.
  • Eligibility: Match requirements to be eligible for Playoffs, Districts and Sectionals. Refer to Local League Rules for national eligibility. ^Player has satisfied eligibility requirements for postseason play.
  • Post season: number of matches played in Playoffs (P), Districts (D), Sectionals (S).
  • Note: Eligibility requirements for post season play vary for different leagues. Refer to Local League Rules