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JTT 2016 Spring Season - In Shape Rancho Solano - Orange/Green Ball League
IN-SHAPE: RANCHO SOLANO - Green/Yellow Ball Team A
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Captain: Neale, Sarah
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Web address: NA
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Status Match Match date Day Match time Opposing Team Home/
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Score Card
Confirmed* 2 03/25/16Fri 4:00pm   IN-SHAPE: RANCHO SOLANO - Green/Yellow Ball Team B AwayWon 20-18-
Confirmed 3 04/01/16Fri 4:00pm   IN-SHAPE: RANCHO SOLANO - Green/Yellow Ball Team B HomeWon 21-20-
Confirmed* 4 04/08/16Fri 4:00PM   IN-SHAPE: RANCHO SOLANO - Green/Yellow Ball Team B AwayLost 17-20-
Confirmed 1 04/22/16Fri 4:00pm   IN-SHAPE: RANCHO SOLANO - Green/Yellow Ball Team B HomeWon 22-16-
Confirmed 5 05/06/16Fri 4:00PM   IN-SHAPE: RANCHO SOLANO - Green/Yellow Ball Team B HomeLost 26-28-
Legend: o - Opponent entered the score card.

Team Roster
Player Level Player Name City Gender Win/ Loss Ties Individual Matches Played Singles Doubles Defaults Received Team Matches (Played/Scheduled) Pathway Points Earned Section Championships National Championships Rostered Date
Yellow Ball Burr, Amelia FairfieldF2 / 2040404/5YesYes04/26/16
Yellow Ball Connerley-Ravanello, Isabella FairfieldF6 / 1074305/5Yes (5)YesYes04/26/16
Yellow Ball Derrick, Alicestasia BeniciaF6 / 40105505/5YesYes04/01/16
Yellow Ball devaul, holly FairfieldF0 / 3032103/5YesYes04/26/16
Green Level Diepenbrock, Rylan FairfieldM1 / 5063304/5YesYes04/26/16
Yellow Ball Jackson, Megha FairfieldF4 / 4083505/5YesYes04/26/16
Yellow Ball Jeuris, Isabelle FairfieldF0 / 0000000/504/26/16
Yellow Ball Kolakoski, Olivia FairfieldF2 / 1030303/5YesYes04/26/16
Yellow Ball Mimaki, Lisa BeniciaF5 / 60114705/5Yes (5)YesYes04/26/16
Yellow Ball rampa, Bella FairfieldF1 / 2032105/5Yes (5)YesYes04/01/16
Green Level Simko, Lukas FairfieldM2 / 1031205/5YesYes04/26/16