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2013 Mixed 18 & Over 6.0
NICHOLL PK 18MX6.0A [Richmonders]
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Captains the deadline to post the date for the second round playoff is Monday Sept. 23, 9:00 pm.  We have posted second round playoffs for flights that have entered scores.  If you have not, or are struggling finishing a match that was in progress, you must inform all potential opponents regarding the date for the next round by TONIGHT at 9pm.   

District/Sectional Schedule

Captain: Hurlbut, Garry
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Co-Captain: brewster, Scott
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Area: East Bay
Home facility: Nicholl Park

Web address: NA
Currently playing Play Off
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RoundMatches ScheduledMatches PlayedWinsLossesIndividual
matches won
PlayOff - 10111102
PlayOff - 10211011
Team Schedule  
Red  If a problem exists.
Status Match Match date Day Match time Opposing Team Home/
Outcome Blank
Score Card
Confirmed 1 (6/17-6/23) 06/23/13SunAll 3 at  10:30 AM   LANEY COLLEGE 18MX6.0B HomeWon 2-1-
Confirmed* 2 (6/24-6/30) 06/29/13SatAll 3 at  11:30 AM   SALESIAN HS 18MX6.0A AwayLost 1-2-
Confirmed* 3 (7/1-7/7) 08/25/13SunAll 3 at  10:30 AM   CLAREMONT R and S 18MX6.0A HomeWon 3-0-
Confirmed* 4 (7/8-7/14) 08/17/13SatAll 3 at  11:00 AM rescheduled due to play-offs   LANEY COLLEGE 18MX6.0A AwayWon 2-1-
Confirmed 5 (7/15-7/21) 07/30/13TueAll 3 at  6:00 PM   HARBOR BAY 18MX6.0A HomeWon 2-1-
Confirmed 6 (7/22-7/28) 07/28/13SunAll 3 at  9:00 AM   LANEY COLLEGE 18MX6.0B AwayLost 1-2-
Confirmed* 7 (7/29-8/4) 08/04/13SunAll 3 at  10:30 AM   SALESIAN HS 18MX6.0A HomeLost 1-2-
Confirmed* 8 (8/5-8/11) 09/07/13SatAll 3 at  11:00 AM   CLAREMONT R and S 18MX6.0A AwayWon 3-0-
Confirmed 9 (8/12-8/18) 08/18/13SunAll 3 at  10:30 AM   LANEY COLLEGE 18MX6.0A HomeLost 0-3-
Confirmed* 10 (8/19-8/25) 08/24/13SatAll 3 at  12:00 PM Please bring your refillable water bottle   HARBOR BAY 18MX6.0A AwayLost 0-3-
Confirmed PlayOff 09/22/13SunAll 3 at  3:00 PM   CLAREMONT R and S 18MX6.0A HomeWon 2-1-
Confirmed* PlayOff 09/28/13SatAll 3 at  1:00 PM Warm-up courts will be limited due to back to back matches. Please bring a refillable water bottle.   LANEY COLLEGE 18MX6.0A AwayLost 1-2-
Legend: o - Opponent entered the score card.

Team Roster
PlayerCityGenderRatingNP/SWExpirationWin/ LossMatchesDefaultsWin %SinglesDoublesPDSRostered
Bort, Diana P RichmondF3.0s9/30/20150 / 11-0.00%-1---05/22/13
brewster, Scott RichmondM3.0b3/31/20181 / 12-50.00%-2---06/10/13
Cadogan, Kevin BerkeleyM3.5s3/31/20161 / 12-50.00%-2---06/06/13
Farley, Kathy A AlbanyF2.5s6/7/20172 / 35-40.00%-51--05/22/13
Garcia, Aris San FranciscoM3.0s3/31/20182 / 35-40.00%-52--08/03/13
Hurlbut, Garry L RichmondM3.5C12/31/20191 / 12-50.00%-2---05/22/13
Imbong, Laura PinoleF2.5s4/30/20185 / 38-62.50%-81--06/05/13
Isidro, Saul RichmondM3.0D9/30/20211 / 45-20.00%-5---06/11/13
Kwon, Kirsten S HaywardF3.0s6/30/20143 / 36-50.00%-62--07/24/13
Mangaser, Victoria RichmondF2.5s4/30/20180 / 33-0.00%-3---06/23/13
Mariuzza, Fely PinoleF2.5s4/30/20187 / 310-70.00%-102--06/05/13
Meskus, George RichmondM3.0s3/31/20182 / 13-66.67%-3---06/01/13
Shemchuk, Michael J AlbanyM2.5s6/30/20201 / 34-25.00%-4---05/22/13
Simpson, Michael L RichmondM3.0s10/31/20175 / 16-83.33%-62--08/03/13
Taylor, Andre RichmondM2.5s3/31/20140 / 22-0.00%-2---06/11/13
Trinidad, Catherine HerculesF2.5s4/30/20201 / 23-33.33%-3---06/06/13
Villasica, Jason El SobranteM3.0s3/31/20184 / 15-80.00%-52--08/03/13

  • NP/SW: Indicates National Player or Sectional Winner : Refer to the Move Up-Split Up rule for clarification
  • Win/loss: Wins do not include default wins. Any numbers in ( ) indicate actual scores prior to eligibility adjustments.
  • Eligibility: Match requirements to be eligible for Playoffs, Districts and Sectionals. Refer to Local League Rules for national eligibility.
  • Post season: number of matches played in Playoffs (P), Districts (D), Sectionals (S).
  • Note: Eligibility requirements for post season play vary for different leagues. Refer to Local League Rules
  Membership must be extended through 10/31/2013. Please call 1 800 990 USTA.

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