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2011 Mixed League 8.0 1
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Captain: Johnston, Bill
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Co-Captain: Kamakana, Henry
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Area: Peninsula - Mid

Web address: NA
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Matches Won
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Status Match Match date Day Match time Opposing Team Home/
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Score Card
Confirmed 1 (1/10-1/16) 01/15/11SatAll 3 at  2:00 PM   SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC MX8.0I 1HomeWon 2-1-
Confirmed* 3 (1/24-1/30) 01/29/11SatAll 3 at  1:00 PM (May not have warm-up cts for opponents)   MANGO PK MX8.0A [Yin & Yang] 1AwayLost 1-2-
Confirmed 4 (1/31-2/6) 02/05/11SatAll 3 at  11:30 AM   MOUNTAIN VIEW TC/RENGSTORFF PK MX8.0A 1HomeWon 2-1-
Confirmed* 5 (2/7-2/13) 02/09/11WedAll 3 at  8:00 PM Court 1-3   SUNNYVALE MTC MX8.0H [Ninjas] 1AwayWon 2-1-
Confirmed* 7 (2/21-2/27) 02/21/11MonAll 3 at  6:00 PM STC Crts 1, 2, 3   SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC MX8.0F [Pizza My Heart] 1AwayWon 3-0-
Confirmed 8 (2/28-3/6) 03/05/11SatAll 3 at  11:30 AM   CUESTA TC MX8.0A 1HomeLost 1-2-
Confirmed* 9 (3/7-3/13) 03/11/11FriAll 3 at  2:00 PM   HOPKINS PK MX8.0A [FamilySlammers] 1AwayLost 0-3-
Confirmed* 12 (3/28-4/3) 04/02/11SatAll 3 at  1:00 PM Courts #13, 14, 15   SUNNYVALE MTC MX8.0J 1AwayLost 1-2-
Confirmed* 6 (2/14-2/20) 04/03/11SunAll 3 at  11:30 AM   SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC MX8.0B [Life Is Good] 1HomeLost 0-3-
Confirmed* 13 (4/4-4/10) 04/09/11SatAll 3 at  11:30 AM   SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC MX8.0E [time for togos!] 1HomeWon 2-1-
Confirmed* 11 (3/21-3/27) 04/17/11SunAll 3 at  11:30 AM   SUNNYVALE MTC MX8.0D [Eaters] 1HomeLost 1-2-
Confirmed* 10 (3/14-3/20) 04/24/11SunAll 3 at  10:00 AM AWAY at Foothill   SOUTH BAY TENNIS ASSOCIATION/CUESTA TC MX8.0C [Sum Ergo Ludo] 1AwayWon 2-1-
Legend: o - Opponent entered the score card.

Team Roster
PlayerCityGenderRatingNP/SWExpirationWin/ LossMatchesDefaultsWin %SinglesDoublesPDSRostered
Burch, Jefferson Palo AltoM4.0C2/29/20242 / 02^-100.00%-2---12/10/10
Chacon, Mary Palo AltoF4.0C12/31/20181 / 01-100.00%-1---12/16/10
Chacon, Michael Palo AltoM4.0C3/31/20201 / 01-100.00%-1---12/16/10
Deangelis, Sonya Los Altos HillsF4.0C12/31/20990 / 11-0.00%-1---01/04/11
Falconer, Patricia Los AltosF4.0C8/31/20201 / 23^-33.33%-3---01/05/11
Falconer, Robert Los AltosM4.0C8/31/20201 / 23^-33.33%-3---01/05/11
Foug, Jim Palo AltoM4.5C5/31/20223 / 03^-100.00%-3---12/14/10
Foug, Julia Palo AltoF3.5C1/31/20213 / 03^-100.00%-3---12/09/10
Geschke, Denise Los AltosF4.0A12/31/20220 / 22^-0.00%-2---12/13/10
Johnston, Bill San JoseM4.0C6/30/20231 / 56^-16.67%-6---12/10/10
Leung-Mah, Kathy Palo AltoF4.0C8/31/20222 / 13^-66.67%-3---01/15/11
Malgesini, Tom Los AltosM4.0C3/31/20172 / 13^-66.67%-3---01/14/11
McCarthy, Laura Morgan HillF4.0C8/31/20232 / 02^-100.00%-2---12/10/10
McDermott, Elizabeth Los AltosF4.0C6/30/20231 / 23^-33.33%-3---01/02/11
McDermott, Steven Los AltosM4.0C1/6/20161 / 23^-33.33%-3---02/01/11
Miller, Dee Los AltosF3.5C8/31/20233 / 03^-100.00%-3---12/10/10
Mohageg, Annick Los AltosF3.5C6/30/20231 / 12^-50.00%-2---01/11/11
Owen, Shawn Los AltosM4.0C5/31/20181 / 12^-50.00%-2---12/12/10
Porteus, Evan StanfordM4.0C2/28/20140 / 11-0.00%-1---01/06/11
Pruzan, Jeanette Palo AltoF3.5C3/31/20231 / 12^-50.00%-2---12/22/10
Pruzan, Ron Palo AltoM4.5b3/31/20231 / 12^-50.00%-2---12/22/10
Quinn, Elizabeth Los AltosF4.0C11/30/20221 / 34^-25.00%-4---01/23/11
Ruskin, Debby Palo AltoF4.0C3/31/20231 / 01-100.00%-1---12/10/10
Sherman, Jeff San MateoM4.5C4/30/20224 / 04^-100.00%-4---01/05/11

  • NP/SW: Indicates National Player or Sectional Winner : Refer to the Move Up-Split Up rule for clarification. *Player has satisfied the Move-Up part of the rule.
  • Win/loss: Wins do not include default wins. Any numbers in ( ) indicate actual scores prior to eligibility adjustments.
  • Eligibility: Match requirements to be eligible for Playoffs, Districts and Sectionals. Refer to Local League Rules for national eligibility. ^Player has satisfied eligibility requirements for postseason play.
  • Post season: number of matches played in Playoffs (P), Districts (D), Sectionals (S).
  • Note: Eligibility requirements for post season play vary for different leagues. Refer to Local League Rules
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