Lucy Pan
League/Division Standings
2003 Adult League Womens 3.0

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District D-200
Home/away status for playoff matches is determined by a team's standings after the completion of local league matches, or by random draw done in the NorCal office at the start of the season.
  Team Individual
Team Name Captain Email Won Lost Won Lost Sets
SUNNYVALE TC W3.0C Cherisse ThomasSend email301238105
GOLD RIVER RC W3.0A Laurie HanschuSend email3010513120
OAKHURST CC W3.0A Laurie LenhartSend email21114997
PETALUMA V AC W3.0A Carol A StreetSend email2110512117
COURTSIDE W3.0A Cheryl PowellSend email219614130
GOLDEN GATE PK W3.0C Karen BilleciSend email219613131
CLUBSPORT PL W3.0A Angela BindertSend email219614133
ROSS VALLEY W3.0A Anne JonesSend email218715125
MILLENNIUM-RS W3.0A Michele RubeorSend email218716129
CHAMISAL TC W3.0A Becki ZinaniSend email129617142
SUN OAKS RC W3.0A Kandi CraftSend email126918136
FIG GARDEN W3.0B Tressa OverstreetSend email1251021137
ALPINE HILLS W3.0A Kathy FeldmanSend email1241123162
CAUGHLIN W3.0A Barbara SwiatkowskiSend email036920154
SUTTER LAWN W3.0A Therese HazelrothSend email0321326167
HIDDEN HILLS W3.0A Ann FariasSend email0321328172