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Chabot Canyon Racquet Club
45 teams have gone on to a league championship event since 1998!

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OAKLAND, CA 94618-1924
County: Alameda
Phone: (510)652-6060

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Paidthru: 10/31/2023
ID: 919360754
Total Number of Tennis Courts: 6
NameJob TitleWork PhoneEmail
Stephen Squire *Club Manager(510) 652-6060Send E-mail
* Primary Contact

General information:

located at 7040 Chabot Canyon Rd Heading East on Hwy 24: Take Broadway exit. Left on Broadway underneath freeway. Right on Chabot Road. Heading West on Hwy 24: Take College Ave. exit. Right on College, right on Chabot to 7040 Chabot Canyon Road.

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StatusTeamAreaCaptainE-MailStart Date
2019 Mixed 40 & Over
RegisterCHABOT CANYON 40MX8.0AEast BayFasteau, Alexis Send E-mail 09/17/2018
2018 Combo Doubles
RegisterCHABOT CANYON CW7.5AEast BayHunter, Lyn Send E-mail 09/17/2018
2018 Mixed 18 & Over
ClosedCHABOT CANYON 18MX7.0AEast BayKarpowicz, Bill Send E-mail 06/25/2018
2018 Adult 55 & Over
ClosedCHABOT CANYON 55AM7.0AEast BayShoffner, Robert Send E-mail 06/11/2018
ClosedCHABOT CANYON 55AW7.0AEast BayGentile, Amy Send E-mail 06/11/2018
2018 Adult 18 & Over
ClosedCHABOT CANYON 18AW3.5AEast BayGarfinkel, Miriam Send E-mail 04/02/2018
ClosedCHABOT CANYON 18AW4.0AEast BayNixon, Nicole Send E-mail 04/02/2018
ClosedCHABOT CANYON 18AW4.0B (George Bailey)East BayAbadia, Melissa Send E-mail 04/02/2018
2018 Mixed 55 & Over
ClosedCHABOT CANYON 55MX7.0AEast BayKarpowicz, Bill Send E-mail 01/08/2018
2018 Adult 40 & Over
ClosedCHABOT CANYON 40AW3.5AEast BayGentile, Amy Send E-mail 01/08/2018
ClosedCHABOT CANYON 40AW4.0AEast BayHunter, Lyn Send E-mail 01/08/2018
2017 Combo Doubles
ClosedCHABOT CANYON CW6.5AEast BayKing, Jann Send E-mail 09/11/2017
ClosedCHABOT CANYON CW7.5AEast BayRiedell, Tina Send E-mail 09/11/2017
ClosedCHABOT CANYON CW7.5BEast BayBillops, Shari Send E-mail 09/11/2017
ClosedCHABOT CANYON CW8.5AEast BayGabriel, Jaime Send E-mail 09/11/2017

Start Date Tournament name Divisions
10/30/2009 Chabot Canyon 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 NTRP Singles NMW(3.5-4.5)s, Single Elimination
10/31/2008 Chabot Canyon 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 NTRP Singles NMW(3.5-4.5)s, Single Elimination
3/20/2008 Chabot Canyon Seniors Senior: MW(45-60)s,SE, Single Elimination
2/8/2008 Chabot Canyon 3.5-5.0 NTRP NMW(5.0)s, Single Elimination; NMW(3.5-5.0)d,SE, S
11/2/2007 Chabot Canyon 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 NTRP Singles NMW(3.5-4.5)s, Single Elimination
9/10/2007 Chabot Canyon (Oakland) NTRP Women's Round Robin Open: NW(3.0-4.0)d,RR
3/22/2007 Chabot Canyon Seniors Senior: MW(45-60)s, Single Elimination
1/27/2007 Chabot Canyon 5.0 NTRP NMW(5.0)s, Single Elimination;

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