2020 Adult 40 & Over
2020 Adult 40 & Over Mens 4.0

This is a list of all teams in NorCal that have registered at this level.
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Looking If a team has this green icon next to their team name, they have indicated that they are open to new players. Please click on the team name and email the team captain/coach directly to find out more information about joining their team.

Team nameCaptainCityAreaOrganizationCreated
ALMADEN VAC 40AM4.0A Keralapura,RamSAN JOSE-Almaden Valley Athletic Club12/03/2019
BAY CLUB COURTSIDE 40AM4.0A Kutuyev,NoelLOS GATOS-Bay Club Courtside12/04/2019
BAY CLUB COURTSIDE 40AM4.0B Collins,GordonLOS GATOS-Bay Club Courtside12/04/2019
BAY CLUB PL 40AM4.0A Ehlert,JohnPLEASANTON-Bay Club Pleasanton12/05/2019
BAY CLUB ROSS VALLEY 40AM4.0A Jaffe,JoshKENTFIELD-Bay Club Ross Valley12/04/2019
BAY CLUB SANTA CLARA 40AM4.0A Fazeli,PiruzSANTA CLARA-Bay Club - Santa Clara11/13/2019
BAY CLUB SANTA CLARA 40AM4.0B Pelham,MichaelSANTA CLARA-Bay Club - Santa Clara11/23/2019
BAY CLUB SF TENNIS 40AM4.0A Desai,NikhilSAN FRANCISCO-Bay Club SF Tennis11/19/2019
BAY CLUB SF TENNIS 40AM4.0B Debbane,EricSAN FRANCISCO-Bay Club SF Tennis11/19/2019
BENICIA TA/BENICIA HS 40AM4.0A Tabtab,RonaldBenicia-Benicia High School11/13/2019
BLACKHAWK CC 40AM4.0A Theriault,JamesDANVILLE-Blackhawk Country Club12/06/2019
BOYLE PK 40AM4.0A Norman,CharlieMILL VALLEY-Boyle Park11/12/2019
BROADSTONE RC 40AM4.0A Andorf,JohnFOLSOM-Broadstone Sports Club11/12/2019
BROADSTONE RC 40AM4.0B Weinstein,DaniFOLSOM-Broadstone Sports Club11/15/2019
BURLINGAME HS 40AM4.0A Mitarotonda,DouglasBurlingame-Burlingame High School11/14/2019
CALIFORNIA TC 40AM4.0A Startz,PaulSAN FRANCISCO-California Tennis Club12/01/2019
CARMEL VAC 40AM4.0A Walker,RobertCARMEL-Carmel Valley Athletic Club11/21/2019
CHICO RC 40AM4.0A Eyer,GeoffCHICO-Chico Racquet Club and Resort11/13/2019
CLOVIS TC/CLOVIS NORTH HS 40AM4.0A Jelmini,PaulFresno-Clovis North High School12/06/2019
CUBBERLEY 40AM4.0A Shirai,AtsushiPalo Alto-Cubberley Center11/25/2019
CUBBERLEY 40AM4.0B Looking Ong,KevinPalo Alto-Cubberley Center12/04/2019
CUPERTINO SC 40AM4.0B Brahmanandam,GortiCupertino-Cupertino Sports Center11/22/2019
CUPERTINO TC/CUPERTINO SC 40AM4.0A Ebadat,CoreyCupertino-Cupertino Sports Center11/20/2019
DAVIE STADIUM 40AM4.0A Broque,EricPiedmont-Davie Tennis Stadium 11/12/2019
ED MITCHELL PK 40AM4.0A Varshney,PankajFolsom-Ed Mitchell Park11/13/2019
EVERGREEN VALLEY COLLEGE 40AM4.0A sendejo,johnnySan Jose,-Evergreen Valley College12/01/2019
FOSTER CITY TC/EDGEWATER PK 40AM4.0A Quan,PhilFoster City-Edgewater Park12/04/2019
FREMONT HILLS CC 40AM4.0A Little,SteveLOS ALTOS HILLS-Fremont Hills Country Club12/01/2019
FREMONT TC 40AM4.0A Subbarayan,RaviFREMONT-Fremont Tennis Center11/26/2019
GALVIN PK 40AM4.0A Stepanek,PhilipSanta Rosa-Galvin Park 11/13/2019
GILROY TENNIS CLUB/GILROY TENNIS CTR 40AM4.0A Nguyen,JohnGilroy-Gilroy Tennis Center11/18/2019
GLTF/SAN FRAN ST U 40AM4.0A Looking Hixson,RaySAN FRANCISCO-San Francisco State University11/11/2019
GOLD RIVER RC 40AM4.0A Pae,AndrewGOLD RIVER-Gold River Sports Club11/20/2019
GOLDEN GATEWY 40AM4.0A Wong,LesSAN FRANCISCO-Bay Club at The Gateway11/11/2019
GREENBROOK RS 40AM4.0A Scriabine,NickDanville-Greenbrook Racquet and Swim Club12/02/2019
IN SHAPE: WEST LN 40AM4.0A Roque,PhilipSTOCKTON-In Shape Stockton West Lane12/02/2019
IN-SHAPE: VACAVILLE BROWNS VAL 40AM4.0A Manelia,EdmundoVACAVILLE-In-Shape Vacaville Browns Valley12/01/2019
JEWISH CM CTR 40AM4.0A Hare,PatrickLOS GATOS-Addison Penzak Jewish Community Center12/02/2019
JOHNSON RANCH 40AM4.0A Webster,MarkROSEVILLE-Johnson Ranch Sports Club11/12/2019
JOHNSON RANCH 40AM4.0B Hinman,ScottROSEVILLE-Johnson Ranch Sports Club11/13/2019
LA MADRONA SR 40AM4.0A Fathman,ChristopherSANTA CRUZ-La Madrona Athletic Club11/12/2019
LADERA OAKS 40AM4.0A Jorgensen,RianPORTOLA VALLEY-Ladera Oaks Swim and Tennis Club11/23/2019
LAFAYETTE TC 40AM4.0A Leibowitz,RobertLAFAYETTE-Lafayette Tennis Club11/15/2019
LAGUNA CREEK 40AM4.0A Torr,StevenELK GROVE-Laguna Creek Sports Club11/24/2019
LANEY TA/COLLEGE ALAM 40AM4.0A Lee,TonyAlameda-College of Alameda11/22/2019
LIFE TIME FOLSOM 40AM4.0A Golshanara,AlanFOLSOM-Lifetime Athletics and Tennis Club11/22/2019
LOS GATOS SR 40AM4.0A Segal,PerryLOS GATOS-Los Gatos Swim and Racquet Club12/06/2019
LOS GATOS SR 40AM4.0B Ferreira,CarlosLOS GATOS-Los Gatos Swim and Racquet Club12/06/2019
MAHANY PK 40AM4.0A Illustrisimo,JoelRoseville-Mahany Park11/19/2019
MARIN TC 40AM4.0A Osterweil,JodySAN RAFAEL-Marin Tennis Club12/03/2019
MARIN TC 40AM4.0B Scherba,IgorSAN RAFAEL-Marin Tennis Club12/03/2019
MARINWOOD COMM CTR 40AM4.0A Myers,ScottSAN RAFAEL-Marinwood Community Center12/01/2019
MENLO CIRCUS 40AM4.0A Lee,Jason TATHERTON-Menlo Circus Club12/06/2019
MERVYN MORRIS PK 40AM4.0A Khong,TuanSan Lorenzo-Mervyn Morris Park11/22/2019
MERVYN MORRIS PK 40AM4.0B Bhat,SureshSan Lorenzo-Mervyn Morris Park12/03/2019
MILL VALLEY 40AM4.0A Bockh,NickMILL VALLEY-Mill Valley Tennis Club11/11/2019
MILLS COLLEGE 40AM4.0A McNichol,ThomasOAKLAND-Mills College12/03/2019
MODESTO F RC 40AM4.0A Griffin,LeeMODESTO-Modesto Fitness Racquet Club A Brenda Athletic Club11/22/2019
MONTE VISTA HS 40AM4.0A Ghysels,DarrellDanville-Monte Vista High School11/11/2019
MORGAN HILL TC/MORGAN HILL TC 40AM4.0A Okada,JimMorgan Hill-Morgan Hill Tennis Center11/11/2019
MORGAN HILL TC/MORGAN HILL TC 40AM4.0B Looking Peebles,MarkMorgan Hill-Morgan Hill Tennis Center12/01/2019
MOUNTAIN VIEW TC/RENGSTORFF PK 40AM4.0A Young,ToddMountain View-Rengstorff Park12/02/2019
NAPA VALLEY TC/VINTAGE HS 40AM4.0A Geyer,KirkNapa-Vintage High School11/16/2019
NOVATO TC/PIONEER PK 40AM4.0A Looking Srinivasan,SomasekarNovato-Pioneer Park11/11/2019
OAK PK 40AM4.0A Dasalla,FredSTOCKTON-Oak Park Tennis Complex11/26/2019
OLYMPIC 40AM4.0A Holt,MatthewSAN FRANCISCO-Olympic Club11/11/2019
ORINDA CC 40AM4.0A Harris,JonathanORINDA-Orinda Country Club11/11/2019
PENINSULA CC 40AM4.0A Murphy,DennisREDWOOD CITY-Peninsula Community Center12/02/2019
PENINSULA TC 40AM4.0A Cooke,ChristopherBURLINGAME-Peninsula Tennis Club12/02/2019
PINOLE PK 40AM4.0A Chu,AlbertPinole-Pinole Park12/05/2019
PLEASANT HILL/PLEASANT HILL MIDDLE 40AM4.0A Tappita,KranthiPleasant Hill-Pleasant Hill Middle School11/11/2019
PLEASANTON 40AM4.0A Looking Mishra,HitendraPLEASANTON-Pleasanton Tennis and Community Park11/11/2019
PLEASANTON 40AM4.0B Looking Armaan,HyderPLEASANTON-Pleasanton Tennis and Community Park11/11/2019
PLEASANTON 40AM4.0C Copenhagen,DanPLEASANTON-Pleasanton Tennis and Community Park11/14/2019
PLEASANTON 40AM4.0D Looking Vinjapuri,SwarajPLEASANTON-Pleasanton Tennis and Community Park11/16/2019
RAFAEL RC 40AM4.0A Thies,StevenSAN RAFAEL-Rafael Racquet Club12/05/2019
RICHMOND TA/NICHOLL PK 40AM4.0A Hurlbut,GarryRichmond-Nicholl Park11/18/2019
RINCONADA PK 40AM4.0A Ma,DongningPalo Alto-Rinconada Park12/02/2019
ROHNERT PK TC/MAGNOLIA/M PK 40AM4.0A Grevin,ShaneRohnert Park-Magnolia/M Park11/13/2019
ROLLING HILLS 40AM4.0A Lustenberger,MichaelNOVATO-Rolling Hills Club12/02/2019
ROLLINGWOOD 40AM4.0A Hammonds,MarcFAIR OAKS-Rollingwood Racquet Club11/13/2019
ROSEVILLE LIFE TIME 40AM4.0A Keim,AlexROSEVILLE-Roseville Life Time Athletic11/12/2019
ROSEVILLE LIFE TIME 40AM4.0B Sandhu,RubinROSEVILLE-Roseville Life Time Athletic11/14/2019
SAN CARLOS TC/ARGUELLO PK 40AM4.0A Agrawal,MotilalSan Carlos-Arguello Park11/23/2019
SAN CARLOS TC/ARGUELLO PK 40AM4.0B nelson,clarkeSan Carlos-Arguello Park12/04/2019
SAN CARLOS TC/ARGUELLO PK 40AM4.0C Carr,StephenSan Carlos-Arguello Park12/05/2019
SAN JOSE SR 40AM4.0A Dehority,KerrySAN JOSE-San Jose Swim Racquet Club11/27/2019
SAN PABLO PK 40AM4.0A Rice,MatthewBerkeley-San Pablo Park11/20/2019
SCOTT VALLEY 40AM4.0A Levitan,PaulMILL VALLEY-Scott Valley Swim/Tennis Club11/14/2019
SCOTTS VALLEY HS 40AM4.0A Beyke,JerryScotts Valley-Scotts Valley High School11/21/2019
SEASCAPE SC 40AM4.0A Dorman,TroyAPTOS-Seascape Sports Club11/12/2019
SHERWOOD TC 40AM4.0A Stocker,RogerSALINAS-Sherwood Tennis Center11/23/2019
SILVER CREEK 40AM4.0A Shaheen,PeterSAN JOSE-Silver Creek Valley Country Club11/30/2019
SUN OAKS T F 40AM4.0A Mccormick,JeffREDDING-Sun Oaks Tennis and Fitness Club11/26/2019
SUNNYVALE MTC 40AM4.0E Wang,HongSunnyvale-Sunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center12/04/2019
SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC 40AM4.0A Libershteyn,VladimirSunnyvale-Sunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center11/12/2019
SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC 40AM4.0B Budaraju,SivakumarSunnyvale-Sunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center11/24/2019
SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC 40AM4.0C Trees,JonSunnyvale-Sunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center12/02/2019
SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC 40AM4.0D Denamur,CraigSunnyvale-Sunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center12/03/2019
TIBURON PEN C 40AM4.0A Sherry,DavidTIBURON-Tiburon Peninsula Club12/02/2019
WALLENBERG PK 40AM4.0A Truong,LuSan Jose-Wallenberg Park11/17/2019
WALNUT COUNTRY 40AM4.0A Murray,DavidConcord-Walnut Country-Crossings12/03/2019
WALNUT CREEK RC/WALNUT CREEK 40AM4.0A Forden,J PatrickWalnut Creek-Walnut Creek Tennis Center11/11/2019
WALNUT CREEK RC/WALNUT CREEK 40AM4.0B Kyono,KevinWalnut Creek-Walnut Creek Tennis Center11/15/2019
WASHINGTON PK 40AM4.0A Looking Setton,EdgarAlameda-Washington Park - Alameda11/24/2019
YMCA PRESIDIO 40AM4.0A Looking Wong,TuckSan Francisco-Presidio Community YMCA11/12/2019