2019 Combo Doubles
2019 Combo Womens League 8.5

This is a list of all teams in NorCal that have registered at this level.
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Looking If a team has this green icon next to their team name, they have indicated that they are open to new players. Please click on the team name and email the team captain/coach directly to find out more information about joining their team.

Team nameCaptainCityAreaOrganizationCreated
ALMADEN VAC CW8.5A Dickey,NikkiSAN JOSELPAlmaden Valley Athletic Club08/01/2019
ALPINE HILLS CW8.5A Pinto,CeciliaPORTOLA VALLEYMPAlpine Hills Tennis Swim Club07/19/2019
ARAGON HS CW8.5A Loy,DiannaSan MateoUPAragon High School07/28/2019
BAY CLUB COURTSIDE CW8.5A Clark,AmyLOS GATOSLPBay Club Courtside08/06/2019
BAY CLUB COURTSIDE CW8.5B Katra,SueLOS GATOSLPBay Club Courtside08/14/2019
Bay Club Fremont CW8.5A Chang,SusanFREMONTDSBay Club Fremont07/16/2019
BAY CLUB PL CW8.5A Peinovich,MarcelaPLEASANTONDSBay Club Pleasanton08/11/2019
BAY CLUB REDWOOD SHORES CW8.5A Lindzy,MicheleREDWOOD CITYUPBay Clubs Redwood Shores07/17/2019
BAY CLUB REDWOOD SHORES CW8.5B Looking Tom,SynetteREDWOOD CITYUPBay Clubs Redwood Shores07/17/2019
BAY CLUB SANTA CLARA CW8.5A Uyema,KellySANTA CLARASBBay Club - Santa Clara07/15/2019
BAY TREES PK CW8.5A Perez,Ashley MCastro ValleyDSBay Trees Tennis Park07/16/2019
BOYLE PK CW8.5A Ourso,AmyMILL VALLEYMABoyle Park07/29/2019
BROADSTONE RC CW8.5A Lewis,KimberlyFOLSOMSABroadstone Sports Club08/20/2019
BROOKSIDE CW8.5A Bray,StefanieSARATOGASBBrookside Club Of Saratoga08/01/2019
CANADA COLL CW8.5A McCutcheon,StaceyRedwood CityMPCanada College07/18/2019
CARMEL VAC CW8.5A Iranmanesh,BaharCARMELMBCarmel Valley Athletic Club07/15/2019
CHABOT CANYON CW8.5A Gabriel,JaimeOAKLANDEBChabot Canyon Racquet Club07/22/2019
CHAMISAL TC CW8.5A Calanni,JosieSALINASMBChamisal Tennis Club08/12/2019
CHICO RC CW8.5A Peterson,JanetCHICONCChico Racquet Club and Resort07/18/2019
CLAREMONT R and S CW8.5A Zucker,KimiaBERKELEYEBClaremont Resort and Spa07/23/2019
CLOVIS TC/BUCHANAN HS CW8.5A Coulter,KasannaClovisFABuchanan High School08/03/2019
COPPER RIVER CC CW8.5A Stephenson,RoxanneFRESNOFACopper River Country Club08/03/2019
CORDEVALLE RESORT CW8.5A irving,ruthSan MartinMBCordevalle Resort07/16/2019
CRANE PK CW8.5A Maher,DianneSt. HelenaSMCrane Park08/07/2019
CUBBERLEY CW8.5A Looking Ong,KevinPalo AltoMPCubberley Center08/13/2019
CUESTA TC CW8.5A Uyema,KellyMountain ViewMPCuesta Tennis Center07/24/2019
CUESTA TC CW8.5B Cheng,WendyMountain ViewMPCuesta Tennis Center07/25/2019
CUESTA TC CW8.5C Gazen,EllenMountain ViewMPCuesta Tennis Center07/26/2019
CUPERTINO TC/CUPERTINO SC CW8.5A Vidales,NanetteCupertinoSBCupertino Sports Center07/27/2019
CUPERTINO TC/CUPERTINO SC CW8.5B Hill,DelphineCupertinoSBCupertino Sports Center07/28/2019
CUPERTINO TC/CUPERTINO SC CW8.5C Dolor,AnalizaCupertinoSBCupertino Sports Center07/30/2019
DAVIS TC/DAVIS COMM PK CW8.5A Nansen,MariaDavisSADavis Community Park08/03/2019
DIABLO CC CW8.5A Estes,KellyDIABLODSDiablo Country Club07/30/2019
FREMONT TC CW8.5A Furuta,LynnFREMONTDSFremont Tennis Center07/24/2019
FRESNO CITY COL CW8.5A Janigian,InsunFresnoFAFresno City College08/13/2019
GOLD RIVER RC CW8.5A Stafford,IreneGOLD RIVERSAGold River Sports Club07/17/2019
GOLD RIVER RC CW8.5B Bui-Thompson,NancyGOLD RIVERSAGold River Sports Club07/31/2019
GOLDEN GATE TC/GOLDEN GATE PK CW8.5A Lam,TiffanySan FranciscoSFGolden Gate Park Tennis Complex08/11/2019
GOLDEN GATEWY CW8.5B Karam,DonnaSAN FRANCISCOSFBay Club at The Gateway07/29/2019
HARBOR PT CW8.5A Costamagna,ChristineMILL VALLEYMAHarbor Point Tennis Club08/04/2019
HOPKINS PK CW8.5A Freeman,LisaPALO ALTOMPHopkins Park07/15/2019
IN SHAPE: DEMAREE VISALIA CW8.5A Hignojoz,Seng LeangVISALIAFACliff Drysdale Tennis-Visalia08/06/2019
JOHNSON RANCH CW8.5A Olson,JenniferROSEVILLESAJohnson Ranch Sports Club07/15/2019
JOHNSON RANCH CW8.5B Lum,ClaudyaROSEVILLESAJohnson Ranch Sports Club07/17/2019
LA CANTERA RC CW8.5A Morales,ErinSANTA ROSASMLa Cantera Racquet Club08/12/2019
LADERA OAKS CW8.5A Jensen,CarolPORTOLA VALLEYMPLadera Oaks Swim and Tennis Club08/09/2019
LAGUNA CREEK CW8.5A Archuleta,FritzieELK GROVESALaguna Creek Sports Club07/17/2019
LAKERIDGE TC CW8.5A Aston,NancyRENORTLakeridge Tennis Club08/09/2019
LOS GATOS SR CW8.5A Bradley,DeniseLOS GATOSLPLos Gatos Swim and Racquet Club08/09/2019
MARIN TC CW8.5A Holmes,JenniferSAN RAFAELMAMarin Tennis Club08/12/2019
MENLO CIRCUS CW8.5A Darke,CaitlinATHERTONMPMenlo Circus Club08/04/2019
MERVYN MORRIS PK CW8.5A Lo,MeiSan LorenzoEBMervyn Morris Park08/04/2019
MILLS COLLEGE CW8.5A Gee Koo,CandaceOAKLANDEBMills College08/01/2019
MORAGA CC CW8.5A Rosenbaum,KristinMORAGADNMoraga Country Club08/10/2019
MORGAN HILL TC/MORGAN HILL TC CW8.5A Gillis,Kate BMorgan HillLPMorgan Hill Tennis Center07/15/2019
MORGAN HILL TC/MORGAN HILL TC CW8.5B Watanabe,JulieMorgan HillLPMorgan Hill Tennis Center07/16/2019
MT TAM RC CW8.5A Kechter,AshleyLARKSPURMAMt Tam Racquet Club07/18/2019
NAPA VALLEY TC/VINTAGE HS CW8.5A Rubin,DonnaNapaSMVintage High School07/22/2019
OLYMPIC CW8.5A Holt,MatthewSAN FRANCISCOSFOlympic Club08/02/2019
PENINSULA TC CW8.5A Grenier,AmyBURLINGAMEUPPeninsula Tennis Club08/08/2019
PLEASANTON CW8.5A Van Slyke,JillPLEASANTONDSPleasanton Tennis and Community Park07/18/2019
PLEASANTON CW8.5B King,TeresaPLEASANTONDSPleasanton Tennis and Community Park07/20/2019
PRIME TIME CW8.5A Kelton,DannyBURLINGAMEUPPrime Time Athletic Club08/09/2019
RAFAEL RC CW8.5A Slippy,JenniferSAN RAFAELMARafael Racquet Club08/11/2019
RIO DEL ORO CW8.5A Aguirre,PattiSACRAMENTOSARio Del Oro Sports Club08/05/2019
ROHNERT PK TC/MAGNOLIA/M PK CW8.5A Kunzman,MonicaRohnert ParkSMMagnolia/M Park08/11/2019
ROUND HILL CC CW8.5A Shay,NicoleALAMODNRound Hill Country Club08/07/2019
RUBY HILL GC CW8.5A Harkness,ChristinePLEASANTONDSRuby Hill Golf Club07/30/2019
SAN CARLOS TC/ARGUELLO PK CW8.5A Nicholson,MichelleSan CarlosUPArguello Park07/15/2019
SANTA CLARA TC/SANTA CLARA TENNIS C CW8.5A Matsumoto,HelenSanta ClaraSBSanta Clara Tennis Center at Central Park07/31/2019
SEASCAPE SC CW8.5A Croxall,DawnAPTOSMBSeascape Sports Club07/15/2019
SIERRA SPORT CW8.5A Castrejon,JuliaFRESNOFASierra Sport & Racquet Club08/10/2019
SUN OAKS T F CW8.5A Gilbert-Ahrens,RosieREDDINGNCSun Oaks Tennis and Fitness Club07/18/2019
SUNNYVALE MTC CW8.5B Huang,SharonSunnyvaleSBSunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center07/22/2019
SUNNYVALE MTC CW8.5D Xu,YuanSunnyvaleSBSunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center08/05/2019
SUNNYVALE MTC CW8.5E Cheng,GraceSunnyvaleSBSunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center07/28/2019
SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC CW8.5A Myers,ReidSunnyvaleSBSunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center07/21/2019
SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC CW8.5C McKelvie,KimSunnyvaleSBSunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center07/22/2019
TAHOE DONNER CW8.5A Sander,JoTRUCKEERTTahoe Donner Tennis Club08/12/2019
TIBURON PEN C CW8.5A Groves,KarrieTIBURONMATiburon Peninsula Club07/23/2019
VALLEY VISTA RC/VVRC COURTS CW8.5A Schmidt,DoloresWalnut CreekDNValley Vista 07/17/2019
WALNUT COUNTRY CW8.5A Bazulina,YanaConcordDNWalnut Country-Crossings07/22/2019
WALNUT CREEK RC/WALNUT CREEK CW8.5A Kan,MyrlWalnut CreekDNWalnut Creek Tennis Center07/15/2019
WALNUT CREEK RC/WALNUT CREEK CW8.5B Sorensen Berman,TinaWalnut CreekDNWalnut Creek Tennis Center07/15/2019
WEST COUNTY TA/RAGLE RANCH CW8.5A Gurwitz,WendySebastopolSMRagle Ranch Park08/13/2019
ZEPHYR COVE CW8.5A Bentley,JenniferZephyr CoveRTZephyr Cove Tennis Complex07/22/2019