2019 Combo Doubles
2019 Combo Womens League 7.5

This is a list of all teams in NorCal that have registered at this level.
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Looking If a team has this green icon next to their team name, they have indicated that they are open to new players. Please click on the team name and email the team captain/coach directly to find out more information about joining their team.

Team nameCaptainCityAreaOrganizationCreated
ALMADEN SR CW7.5A Ness,TeresaSAN JOSELPAlmaden Swim and Racquet Club08/10/2019
ALMADEN VAC CW7.5A Perry,KristinSAN JOSELPAlmaden Valley Athletic Club08/01/2019
ALPINE HILLS CW7.5A Berg,JessicaPORTOLA VALLEYMPAlpine Hills Tennis Swim Club07/17/2019
ANTELOPE TA/ANTELOPE COMMUNITY PK CW7.5A Lugo,ConnieAntelopeSAAntelope Community Park08/04/2019
BAY CLUB COURTSIDE CW7.5A Kitagawa,KarenLOS GATOSLPBay Club Courtside08/12/2019
Bay Club Fremont CW7.5A Keogh,RoseFREMONTDSBay Club Fremont07/16/2019
BAY CLUB REDWOOD SHORES CW7.5A Tom,SynetteREDWOOD CITYUPBay Clubs Redwood Shores07/17/2019
BAY CLUB REDWOOD SHORES CW7.5B Lindzy,MicheleREDWOOD CITYUPBay Clubs Redwood Shores07/17/2019
BAY CLUB ROSS VALLEY CW7.5A Gutierrez,GabrielKENTFIELDMABay Club Ross Valley08/16/2019
BAY CLUB SANTA CLARA CW7.5A Liong,JenSANTA CLARASBBay Club - Santa Clara07/24/2019
BAY CLUB SF TENNIS CW7.5A Anfinson,AdeleSAN FRANCISCOSFBay Club SF Tennis07/16/2019
BAY CLUB SF TENNIS CW7.5B Federgreen,LaurenSAN FRANCISCOSFBay Club SF Tennis07/16/2019
BAY CLUB SF TENNIS CW7.5C Guzman,BelleSAN FRANCISCOSFBay Club SF Tennis07/22/2019
BAY TREES PK CW7.5A Dharmadi,MaryCastro ValleyDSBay Trees Tennis Park07/24/2019
BELVEDERE TC CW7.5A Ezcurra,Dee AnnTIBURONMABelvedere Tennis Club08/09/2019
BERKELEY TC CW7.5A Marienthal,BarbaraBERKELEYEBBerkeley Tennis Club08/15/2019
BOYLE PK CW7.5A Weir,AmeliaMILL VALLEYMABoyle Park07/15/2019
BROADSTONE RC CW7.5A Yap,ElaineFOLSOMSABroadstone Sports Club07/16/2019
BROADSTONE RC CW7.5B Williams,BettyFOLSOMSABroadstone Sports Club07/20/2019
BROADSTONE RC CW7.5C Yamashita,SherylFOLSOMSABroadstone Sports Club07/17/2019
CALIFORNIA TC CW7.5A Witter,LaraSAN FRANCISCOSFCalifornia Tennis Club07/30/2019
CARMEL V RANCH CW7.5A Kirkpatrick,ElizabethCARMELMBCarmel Valley Ranch Resort07/30/2019
CARMEL VAC CW7.5A Kruszynska,YolantaCARMELMBCarmel Valley Athletic Club07/15/2019
CARMEL VAC CW7.5B Walton,JulieCARMELMBCarmel Valley Athletic Club07/15/2019
CHABOT CANYON CW7.5A Philpot,MichelleOAKLANDEBChabot Canyon Racquet Club07/19/2019
CHICO RC CW7.5A Vaughn,ChandraCHICONCChico Racquet Club and Resort08/08/2019
CLAREMONT R and S CW7.5A Fitzhugh,SallyBERKELEYEBClaremont Resort and Spa07/28/2019
CLAREMONT R and S CW7.5B Chenevey,CecileBERKELEYEBClaremont Resort and Spa07/28/2019
CLOVIS TC/BUCHANAN HS CW7.5A Miller,SandraClovisFABuchanan High School07/28/2019
CLOVIS TC/BUCHANAN HS CW7.5B Harpain,DorisClovisFABuchanan High School08/12/2019
CRANE PK CW7.5A Guardado,EstherSt. HelenaSMCrane Park08/11/2019
CROW CANYON CC CW7.5A Herman,LisaDANVILLEDSCrow Canyon Country Club08/12/2019
CUESTA TC CW7.5A Gazen,EllenMountain ViewMPCuesta Tennis Center07/26/2019
CUESTA TC CW7.5B Africa,DorienMountain ViewMPCuesta Tennis Center07/30/2019
CUPERTINO TC/CUPERTINO SC CW7.5A Labadie,SharadaCupertinoSBCupertino Sports Center07/20/2019
CUPERTINO TC/CUPERTINO SC CW7.5B Vidales,NanetteCupertinoSBCupertino Sports Center07/27/2019
CUPERTINO TC/CUPERTINO SC CW7.5C Pham,MaryCupertinoSBCupertino Sports Center08/03/2019
DAVIS TC/DAVIS COMM PK CW7.5A Roeckl,MargaretDavisSADavis Community Park08/03/2019
DIABLO CC CW7.5A Adams,RebeccaDIABLODSDiablo Country Club07/30/2019
DIABLO CC CW7.5B Gallagher,LauraDIABLODSDiablo Country Club08/06/2019
DIAMOND HILLS CW7.5A Hill,BethOAKLEYDNDiamond Hills Sports Club07/16/2019
EVERGREEN VALLEY COLLEGE CW7.5A sendejo,johnnySan Jose,LPEvergreen Valley College08/05/2019
FIG GARDEN CW7.5A Holt,ChristineFRESNOFAFig Garden Swim & Racquet Club08/12/2019
FOOTHILLS TandS CW7.5A Douglas,KarenPALO ALTOMPFoothills Tennis Swim Club07/20/2019
FOSTER CITY TC/EDGEWATER PK CW7.5A Looking Newton,CynthiaFoster CityUPEdgewater Park07/29/2019
FOUNTAINGROVE-AC CW7.5A Cornelius,AmandaSanta RosaSMFountaingrove Country Club-AC08/11/2019
FREMONT HILLS CC CW7.5A Kocmond,SusanLOS ALTOS HILLSMPFremont Hills Country Club07/21/2019
FREMONT TC CW7.5A Cardenas,CeciliaFREMONTDSFremont Tennis Center07/16/2019
GILROY TENNIS CLUB/GILROY TENNIS CTR CW7.5A Marques,CarolGilroyMBGilroy Tennis Center07/22/2019
GLTF/DAVIE STADIUM CW7.5A Heimdal,ZoePiedmontEBDavie Tennis Stadium 07/22/2019
GLTF/SAN FRAN ST U CW7.5A Stevenson,MargaretSAN FRANCISCOSFSan Francisco State University07/28/2019
GOLD RIVER RC CW7.5A Stafford,IreneGOLD RIVERSAGold River Sports Club07/17/2019
GOLD RIVER RC CW7.5B Miguel,KristinGOLD RIVERSAGold River Sports Club07/19/2019
GOLD RIVER RC CW7.5C Schultz,JanelleGOLD RIVERSAGold River Sports Club07/28/2019
GOLDEN GATE TC/GOLDEN GATE PK CW7.5A Watanabe,KarissaSan FranciscoSFGolden Gate Park Tennis Complex07/18/2019
GOLDEN GATEWY CW7.5A Keelan,JackieSAN FRANCISCOSFBay Club at The Gateway07/16/2019
GREENBROOK RS CW7.5A Rathkamp,LauraDanvilleDSGreenbrook Racquet and Swim Club07/23/2019
HARBOR BAY CW7.5A Hoover,JeniferALAMEDAEBHarbor Bay Club08/01/2019
HIGHLANDS REC CENTER CW7.5A Michaels,GretchenSan MateoUPHighlands Rec Center San Mateo07/15/2019
IN SHAPE: DEMAREE VISALIA CW7.5A Nunez del Prado,TriciaVISALIAFACliff Drysdale Tennis-Visalia07/30/2019
IN-SHAPE: VACAVILLE BROWNS VAL CW7.5A Baier,MollyVACAVILLEDNIn-Shape Vacaville Browns Valley07/16/2019
JOHNSON RANCH CW7.5A Webster,CatherineROSEVILLESAJohnson Ranch Sports Club08/05/2019
LA CANTERA RC CW7.5A Klein,SusanSANTA ROSASMLa Cantera Racquet Club08/12/2019
LADERA OAKS CW7.5A Sherry,AngelaPORTOLA VALLEYMPLadera Oaks Swim and Tennis Club08/09/2019
LAGUNA CREEK CW7.5A Wilson,Libertine LinsaoELK GROVESALaguna Creek Sports Club07/27/2019
LAKERIDGE TC CW7.5A Batory,ChrisRENORTLakeridge Tennis Club08/07/2019
LIVERMORE VTC CW7.5A Duperly,DanielleLIVERMOREDSLivermore Valley Tennis Club08/11/2019
LOS GATOS SR CW7.5A Clark,HuiLOS GATOSLPLos Gatos Swim and Racquet Club08/09/2019
LOS GATOS SR CW7.5B Leto,AelitaLOS GATOSLPLos Gatos Swim and Racquet Club08/09/2019
MARIN CC CW7.5A Taylor,MichelleNOVATOMAMarin Country Club07/23/2019
MARIN TC CW7.5A Burkhard,FrancieSAN RAFAELMAMarin Tennis Club07/24/2019
MARIN TC CW7.5B Hughes,SimoneSAN RAFAELMAMarin Tennis Club07/24/2019
MARINSHIP PK CW7.5A Federgreen,LaurenSausilitoMAMarinship Park08/11/2019
MEMORIAL-ALBANY CW7.5A Huck,JohannaAlbanyEBMemorial Park (Albany)07/15/2019
MILL VALLEY CW7.5A Kneafsey,MauraMILL VALLEYMAMill Valley Tennis Club07/22/2019
MILLER PK CW7.5A Badgley,JoannaFair OaksSAMiller Park07/15/2019
MILLS COLLEGE CW7.5A Lim,YenOAKLANDEBMills College07/21/2019
MORAGA CC CW7.5A Barmmer,StephanieMORAGADNMoraga Country Club08/12/2019
MORGAN HILL TC/MORGAN HILL TC CW7.5A Cabassa,LisaMorgan HillLPMorgan Hill Tennis Center07/16/2019
MORGAN HILL TC/MORGAN HILL TC CW7.5B Gillis,Kate BMorgan HillLPMorgan Hill Tennis Center07/15/2019
MT EDEN T and S CLUB/VETERANS MEM PK CW7.5A Montez,Luisita PUnion CityDSVeterans' Memorial Park07/16/2019
MT TAM RC CW7.5A Cass,MonicaLARKSPURMAMt Tam Racquet Club07/16/2019
MT TAM RC CW7.5B Wright-Mulligan,PennyLARKSPURMAMt Tam Racquet Club07/20/2019
OAKHURST CC CW7.5A Karr,KristinaCLAYTONDNOakhurst Country Club07/17/2019
OLYMPIC CW7.5A Lovett,KarlaSAN FRANCISCOSFOlympic Club08/02/2019
PARK TERRACE CW7.5A Davidson,MariSACRAMENTOSAPark Terrace Swim Tennis Club07/27/2019
PENINSULA CC CW7.5A Saarnio,LoraREDWOOD CITYMPPeninsula Community Center07/20/2019
PENINSULA GCC CW7.5A Fenton,AmySAN MATEOUPPeninsula Golf and Country Club07/17/2019
PENINSULA TC CW7.5A Wachhorst,MarisaBURLINGAMEUPPeninsula Tennis Club07/31/2019
PLEASANT HILL/PLEASANT HILL MIDDLE CW7.5A Rascle,ChrisPleasant HillDNPleasant Hill Middle School07/27/2019
PLEASANTON CW7.5A Ward,JanetPLEASANTONDSPleasanton Tennis and Community Park08/05/2019
RAFAEL RC CW7.5A Hatch,JenniferSAN RAFAELMARafael Racquet Club08/09/2019
RAMSAY PK TA/RAMSAY PK CW7.5A Wat,RaymondWatsonvilleMBRamsay Park07/16/2019
RANCHO COLORADOS CW7.5A Gove,LeeLAFAYETTEDNRancho Colorados Tennis Swim Club07/16/2019
RANCHO MURIETA CC CW7.5A Pelletier,JoanRancho MurietaSARancho Murieta Country Club07/29/2019
REDWOOD HS CW7.5A Leong,DanelleLarkspurMARedwood High School08/12/2019
RENO TENNIS CENTER CW7.5A Henderson,LissethRenoRTReno Tennis Center07/16/2019
RENO TENNIS CENTER CW7.5B Urrutia,Mary LouRenoRTReno Tennis Center08/05/2019
RICHMOND TA/NICHOLL PK CW7.5A Looking Salinas,JorgeRichmondEBNicholl Park07/31/2019
RIO DEL MAR CW7.5A Chisholm,MargoAPTOSMBRio Del Mar Tennis Club08/07/2019
RIO DEL ORO CW7.5A Fandrei,TamiSACRAMENTOSARio Del Oro Sports Club08/04/2019
RIO DEL ORO CW7.5B Halligan,CarlaSACRAMENTOSARio Del Oro Sports Club08/09/2019
ROHNERT PK TC/MAGNOLIA/M PK CW7.5A Baert,GwendolynRohnert ParkSMMagnolia/M Park07/21/2019
ROLLING HILLS CW7.5A Henke,ErinNOVATOMARolling Hills Club07/31/2019
ROSEVILLE LIFE TIME CW7.5A Jugo,BrookeROSEVILLESARoseville Life Time Athletic08/08/2019
ROUND HILL CC CW7.5A McCartney,DonnaALAMODNRound Hill Country Club08/05/2019
ROUND HILL CC CW7.5B Smith,MelissaALAMODNRound Hill Country Club08/05/2019
RUBY HILL GC CW7.5A Kang,PatriciaPLEASANTONDSRuby Hill Golf Club07/30/2019
SAN CARLOS TC/ARGUELLO PK CW7.5A Leong-Ping,VictoriaSan CarlosUPArguello Park07/17/2019
SAN CARLOS TC/ARGUELLO PK CW7.5B Prothro,JudySan CarlosUPArguello Park07/29/2019
SCOTT VALLEY CW7.5A Harrell,ElizabethMILL VALLEYMAScott Valley Swim/Tennis Club07/30/2019
SCOTTS VALLEY HS CW7.5A Velasco,MichaelScotts ValleyMBScotts Valley High School08/05/2019
SEASCAPE SC CW7.5A Anderson,MariAPTOSMBSeascape Sports Club07/21/2019
SHARON HTS CC CW7.5A Denenberg,LaurenMENLO PARKMPSharon Heights Golf & Country Club07/19/2019
SIERRA SPORT CW7.5A Williams,LoriFRESNOFASierra Sport & Racquet Club08/06/2019
SILVER CREEK CW7.5A Rodriguez,RachelSAN JOSELPSilver Creek Valley Country Club08/08/2019
SOUTH BAY CTA/CASTILLERO MS CW7.5A Reddy,AparnaSan JoseLPCastillero Middle School08/12/2019
ST MARY CW7.5A Rochford,SusanMORAGADNSaint Marys College of California Club Tennis07/22/2019
STANFORD-CRA CW7.5A Wilson,CatherineSTANFORDMPStanford Campus Recreation Association07/30/2019
SUN OAKS T F CW7.5A Holt,AndreaREDDINGNCSun Oaks Tennis and Fitness Club08/12/2019
SUNNYVALE MTC CW7.5F Qian,MinSunnyvaleSBSunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center08/09/2019
SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC CW7.5A Ventura,LoriSunnyvaleSBSunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center07/15/2019
SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC CW7.5B Uyema,KellySunnyvaleSBSunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center07/15/2019
SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC CW7.5C Tong,AlisonSunnyvaleSBSunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center07/16/2019
SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC CW7.5D Isaacson,AliceSunnyvaleSBSunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center07/22/2019
SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC CW7.5E Han,GloriaSunnyvaleSBSunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center07/24/2019
TIBURON PEN C CW7.5A Nolan,ElaineTIBURONMATiburon Peninsula Club08/01/2019
TWIN OAKS PK CW7.5A McKim,SuzanneRocklinSATwin Oaks Park07/16/2019
UC SANTA CRUZ CW7.5A Ehlers,KarenSANTA CRUZMBUc Santa Cruz07/20/2019
VALLEY VISTA RC/VVRC COURTS CW7.5A Bustamante,CindyWalnut CreekDNValley Vista 07/20/2019
WALNUT CREEK RC/WALNUT CREEK CW7.5A Snyder,TammieWalnut CreekDNWalnut Creek Tennis Center07/15/2019
WALNUT CREEK RC/WALNUT CREEK CW7.5B Sorensen Berman,TinaWalnut CreekDNWalnut Creek Tennis Center07/15/2019
WALNUT CREEK RC/WALNUT CREEK CW7.5C Italia,LisaWalnut CreekDNWalnut Creek Tennis Center07/16/2019
WALNUT CREEK RC/WALNUT CREEK CW7.5D Spady,CarolynWalnut CreekDNWalnut Creek Tennis Center07/21/2019
WEST COUNTY TA/RAGLE RANCH CW7.5A Tucker,JodySebastopolSMRagle Ranch Park08/12/2019
ZEPHYR COVE CW7.5A Wright,CarolynZephyr CoveRTZephyr Cove Tennis Complex07/15/2019