2018 Adult 65 & Over
2018 Adult 65 & Over Mens 8.0

This is a list of all teams in NorCal that have registered at this level.
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Looking If a team has this green icon next to their team name, they have indicated that they are open to new players. Please click on the team name and email the team captain/coach directly to find out more information about joining their team.

Team nameCaptainCityAreaOrganizationCreated
BERKELEY TC 65AM8.0A Tamura,WynnBERKELEYMABerkeley Tennis Club02/04/2018
BOYLE PK 65AM8.0A Lee,DavidMILL VALLEYMABoyle Park02/01/2018
CARMEL VAC 65AM8.0A Giancola,JimCARMELMBCarmel Valley Athletic Club02/02/2018
CENTRAL PK SM 65AM8.0A Blatnik,GregSan MateoSBCentral Park Recreation Center02/11/2018
CHAMISAL TC 65AM8.0A Reis,LuisSALINASMBChamisal Tennis Club02/02/2018
GOLD RIVER RC 65AM8.0A Smith,MauriceGOLD RIVERSAGold River Racquet Club01/15/2018
GREEN VALLEY CC 65AM8.0A Schemke,JamesFAIRFIELDMAGreen Valley Country Club01/25/2018
HARBOR PT/MILL VALLEY 65AM8.0A Knox,RobertMILL VALLEYMAMill Valley Tennis Club02/11/2018
KONA KAI SR 65AM8.0A Dunnam,MikeSANTA CLARASBKona Kai Swim and Racquet Club01/15/2018
LA CANTERA RC 65AM8.0A Levin,HowardSANTA ROSAMALa Cantera Racquet Club02/08/2018
LINCOLN HILLS TG/SUN CITY LINCOLN 65AM8.0B Cheatham,RonaldLincolnSASun City Lincoln Hills02/09/2018
MARIN TC 65AM8.0A Berliant,VictorSAN RAFAELMAMarin Tennis Club01/29/2018
MT TAM RC 65AM8.0A Baker,BryanLARKSPURMAMt Tam Racquet Club01/18/2018
MT TAM RC 65AM8.0B Davis,FrankLARKSPURMAMt Tam Racquet Club02/10/2018
PENINSULA TC 65AM8.0A Zlatunich,PhilBURLINGAMESBPeninsula Tennis Club01/18/2018
ROLLING HILLS 65AM8.0A Williams,JackNOVATOMARolling Hills Club02/09/2018
SEASCAPE SC 65AM8.0A Sterling,TadAPTOSMBSeascape Sports Club02/05/2018
SUN CITY LINCOLN 65AM8.0A Dong,JerryLincolnSASun City Lincoln Hills01/19/2018
SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC 65AM8.0A Serksnis,TonySunnyvaleSBSunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center01/16/2018