2018 Mixed 40 & Over
2018 Mixed 40 & Over 7.0

This is a list of all teams in NorCal that have registered at this level.
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Looking If a team has this green icon next to their team name, they have indicated that they are open to new players. Please click on the team name and email the team captain/coach directly to find out more information about joining their team.

Team nameCaptainCityAreaOrganizationCreated
ALMADEN SR 40MX7.0A Kuoy,AmandaSAN JOSELPAlmaden Swim and Racquet Club08/05/2017
ALMADEN VAC 40MX7.0A Oneal,SusanSAN JOSELPAlmaden Valley Athletic Club08/01/2017
ALMADEN VAC 40MX7.0B Carroll,JohnSAN JOSELPAlmaden Valley Athletic Club08/01/2017
ANTELOPE TA/ANTELOPE COMMUNITY PK 40MX7.0A Calabrese,RosalieAntelopeSAAntelope Community Park07/22/2017
BAY CLUB COURTSIDE 40MX7.0A O'Neill,HangLOS GATOSLPBay Club Courtside08/10/2017
BAY CLUB COURTSIDE 40MX7.0B Mirassou,JeannieLOS GATOSLPBay Club Courtside08/10/2017
BAY CLUB COURTSIDE 40MX7.0C Coleman,AndreaLOS GATOSLPBay Club Courtside08/10/2017
BAY CLUB COURTSIDE 40MX7.0D Wang,PaulLOS GATOSLPBay Club Courtside08/10/2017
BAY CLUB REDWOOD SHORES 40MX7.0A Renaker,StephenREDWOOD CITYUPBay Clubs Redwood Shores07/28/2017
BAY CLUB ROSS VALLEY 40MX7.0A Robertson,JanellKENTFIELDMABay Club Ross Valley08/07/2017
BAY CLUB SANTA CLARA 40MX7.0A Uyema,KellySANTA CLARASBBay Club - Santa Clara07/25/2017
BAY CLUB SANTA CLARA 40MX7.0B Villamar,Fernando JSANTA CLARASBBay Club - Santa Clara08/01/2017
BAY CLUB SF TENNIS 40MX7.0A Ogawa,DanielSAN FRANCISCOSFBay Club SF Tennis07/18/2017
BAY TREES PK 40MX7.0A Dharmadi,MaryCastro ValleyDSBay Trees Tennis Park07/20/2017
BAY TREES PK 40MX7.0B Leong,RobertCastro ValleyDSBay Trees Tennis Park07/27/2017
BELVEDERE TC 40MX7.0A Wynne,StephenTIBURONMABelvedere Tennis Club08/13/2017
BENICIA TA/BENICIA HS 40MX7.0A Tabtab,RonaldBeniciaNSBenicia High School07/17/2017
BENICIA TA/BENICIA HS 40MX7.0B Bazan,DanielBeniciaNSBenicia High School07/17/2017
BERKELEY TC 40MX7.0A Marienthal,BarbaraBERKELEYEBBerkeley Tennis Club07/18/2017
BLACKHAWK CC 40MX7.0A Maroulas,GregoryDANVILLEDSBlackhawk Country Club07/29/2017
BOYLE PK 40MX7.0A Herzog,ToriMILL VALLEYMABoyle Park08/10/2017
BROADSTONE RC 40MX7.0A Weinstein,DaniFOLSOMSABroadstone Racquet Club07/17/2017
BROADSTONE RC 40MX7.0B Grip,MarkFOLSOMSABroadstone Racquet Club08/02/2017
BROOKSIDE 40MX7.0A Berlinberg,JackiSARATOGASBBrookside Club Of Saratoga08/04/2017
CARMEL V RANCH 40MX7.0A Fenn,DennisCARMELMBCarmel Valley Ranch Resort08/03/2017
CARMEL VAC 40MX7.0A Lawrence,DanCARMELMBCarmel Valley Athletic Club07/18/2017
CASTLEWOOD CC 40MX7.0A Beanland,RobertPLEASANTONDSCastlewood Country Club08/14/2017
CHAMISAL TC 40MX7.0A Burrows,GeorgeSALINASMBChamisal Tennis Club08/07/2017
CHICO RC 40MX7.0A Vaughn,KevinCHICONCChico Racquet Club and Resort08/16/2017
CLAREMONT R and S 40MX7.0A Gee,KellyBERKELEYEBClaremont Resort and Spa07/26/2017
CLUBSPORT PL 40MX7.0A Nguyen,ChiPLEASANTONDSClubsport of Pleasanton08/13/2017
COASTSIDE TA/HALF MOON BAY HS 40MX7.0A Wilson,DwightHalf Moon BayUPHalf Moon Bay High School07/22/2017
CORDEVALLE RESORT 40MX7.0A McCullough,JuneSan MartinMBCordevalle Resort08/14/2017
CROW CANYON CC 40MX7.0A Kouwenhoven,DarleneDANVILLEDSCrow Canyon Country Club08/11/2017
CUBBERLEY 40MX7.0A Ong,KevinPalo AltoMPCubberley Center08/04/2017
CUPERTINO TC/CUPERTINO SC 40MX7.0A Giles,TammieCupertinoSBCupertino Sports Center07/27/2017
DANVILLE TC/MONTE VISTA HS 40MX7.0A Natarajan,HarishDanvilleDSMonte Vista High School07/17/2017
DANVILLE TC/MONTE VISTA HS 40MX7.0B Labrador,SalvadorDanvilleDSMonte Vista High School07/21/2017
DANVILLE TC/MONTE VISTA HS 40MX7.0C Marshall,ElaineDanvilleDSMonte Vista High School08/10/2017
DIABLO CC 40MX7.0A Wallunas,JulieDIABLODSDiablo Country Club08/15/2017
DIAMOND HILLS 40MX7.0A Macksoud,PriscillaOAKLEYDNDiamond Hills07/17/2017
DIAMOND HILLS 40MX7.0B Austero,HermanOAKLEYDNDiamond Hills07/17/2017
DIAMOND HILLS 40MX7.0C Brennan,DeniseOAKLEYDNDiamond Hills07/25/2017
DISCOVERY BAY 40MX7.0A Ladao,RickDiscovery BayDNDiscovery Bay Athletic Club08/21/2017
EICHLER STC 40MX7.0A Byler,EricPalo AltoMPEichler Swim & Tennis Club08/14/2017
FOSTER CITY TC/EDGEWATER PK 40MX7.0A Looking Newton,CynthiaFoster CityUPEdgewater Park08/10/2017
FOSTER CITY TC/EDGEWATER PK 40MX7.0B Albar,RickFoster CityUPEdgewater Park08/14/2017
FOUNTAINGROVE-AC 40MX7.0A Dinardo,TiffanySanta RosaSMFountaingrove Country Club-AC08/13/2017
FREMONT HILLS CC 40MX7.0A Gounod,LisaLOS ALTOS HILLSMPFremont Hills Country Club08/10/2017
GILROY TENNIS CLUB/GILROY TENNIS CTR 40MX7.0A Dennery,PaulaGilroyMBGilroy Tennis Center07/31/2017
GILROY TENNIS CLUB/GILROY TENNIS CTR 40MX7.0B Pak,JoGilroyMBGilroy Tennis Center08/16/2017
GOLD RIVER RC 40MX7.0A Oliva,IrenessaGOLD RIVERSAGold River Racquet Club08/06/2017
GOLD RIVER RC 40MX7.0B Caspar,KimberlyGOLD RIVERSAGold River Racquet Club08/08/2017
GOLDEN GATE PK 40MX7.0A Tse,KenSan FranciscoSFGolden Gate Park Tennis Complex08/08/2017
GOLDEN GATEWY 40MX7.0A McClure,LisaSAN FRANCISCOSFBay Club at The Gateway08/09/2017
HAL BARTHOLOMEW PK 40MX7.0A Lasam,EmilyElk GroveSAHal Bartholomew Sports Park08/12/2017
HARBOR BAY 40MX7.0A Boris,LilyALAMEDAEBHarbor Bay Club07/17/2017
IMPERIAL TC 40MX7.0A Pearson,DouglasAPTOSMBImperial Courts Tennis Club08/09/2017
IN SHAPE SPORTS DOVER 40MX7.0A Kim,CarolFAIRFIELDNSIn-Shape Fairfield Dover07/20/2017
JOHNSON RANCH 40MX7.0A Webster,MarkROSEVILLESAJohnson Ranch Racquet Club07/17/2017
JOHNSON RANCH 40MX7.0B Pugh,LaurenROSEVILLESAJohnson Ranch Racquet Club08/11/2017
LA CANTERA RC 40MX7.0A Lynch,BillySANTA ROSASMLa Cantera Racquet Club07/17/2017
LA CANTERA RC 40MX7.0B Summers,KevinSANTA ROSASMLa Cantera Racquet Club08/14/2017
LA MADRONA SR 40MX7.0A St Shepard,VivianSANTA CRUZMBLa Madrona Athletic Club08/02/2017
LAKERIDGE TC 40MX7.0A Day,SusanRENORTLakeridge Tennis Club08/13/2017
LANEY TA/COLLEGE ALAM 40MX7.0A Kim,LyLyAlamedaEBCollege of Alameda07/22/2017
LANEY TA/COLLEGE ALAM 40MX7.0B Yucekul,MuratAlamedaEBCollege of Alameda08/06/2017
LIVERMORE VTC 40MX7.0A Johnson,JulieLIVERMOREDSLivermore Valley Tennis Club08/06/2017
LOS GATOS SR 40MX7.0A Swing,JoanneLOS GATOSLPLos Gatos Swim and Racquet Club08/10/2017
LOS GATOS SR 40MX7.0B Bradley,DeniseLOS GATOSLPLos Gatos Swim and Racquet Club08/10/2017
MAHANY PK 40MX7.0A Illustrisimo,JoelRosevilleSAMahany Park07/23/2017
MARIN TC 40MX7.0A Huber,BethSAN RAFAELMAMarin Tennis Club08/11/2017
MARIN TC 40MX7.0B Solemani,MinaSAN RAFAELMAMarin Tennis Club08/11/2017
MARINWOOD COMM CTR 40MX7.0A Burkhard,FrancieSAN RAFAELMAMarinwood Community Center07/18/2017
MARINWOOD COMM CTR 40MX7.0B Schwirtz,MiraSAN RAFAELMAMarinwood Community Center07/21/2017
MILLBRAE RC 40MX7.0A Chiesa,MelissaMILLBRAEUPMillbrae Racquet Club07/29/2017
MORAGA CC 40MX7.0A Tejada,JenniferMORAGADNMoraga Country Club08/11/2017
MORGAN HILL TC 40MX7.0B Gillis,Kate BMorgan HillLPMorgan Hill Tennis Center07/17/2017
MORGAN HILL TC/MORGAN HILL TC 40MX7.0A Peebles,MarkMorgan HillLPMorgan Hill Tennis Center07/17/2017
MOUNTAIN VIEW TC/RENGSTORFF PK 40MX7.0A Farcich,JohnMountain ViewMPRengstorff Park07/28/2017
MT EDEN T and S CLUB/VETERANS MEM PK 40MX7.0A Montez,LuisitaUnion CityDSVeterans' Memorial Park07/25/2017
MT TAM RC 40MX7.0A Ward,ReneeLARKSPURMAMt Tam Racquet Club08/11/2017
NAPA VALLEY TC/VINTAGE HS 40MX7.0A Richburg,CherylNapaNSVintage High School07/17/2017
NAPA VALLEY TC/VINTAGE HS 40MX7.0B Hollingsworth,HunterNapaNSVintage High School07/27/2017
NATOMAS RC 40MX7.0A Owyang,GordonSACRAMENTOSANatomas Racquet Club07/17/2017
NOVATO TC/PIONEER PK 40MX7.0A Torre,DonaldNovatoMAPioneer Park08/10/2017
OAKLAND HILLS 40MX7.0A Kilty,SheilaOAKLANDEBOakland Hills Tennis Club07/19/2017
ORINDAWOODS 40MX7.0A Bockman,JohnORINDADNOrindawoods Tennis Club08/14/2017
PENINSULA GCC 40MX7.0A Njo,ReneeSAN MATEOUPPeninsula Golf and Country Club08/14/2017
PENINSULA TC 40MX7.0A Welsh,CareyBURLINGAMEUPPeninsula Tennis Club08/09/2017
PLEASANT HILL/PLEASANT HILL MIDDLE 40MX7.0A Wax,DavidPleasant HillDNPleasant Hill Middle School07/17/2017
PLEASANTON 40MX7.0A Gaisser,DeborahPLEASANTONDSPleasanton Tennis and Community Park08/13/2017
RAFAEL RC 40MX7.0A Chamberlin,ErinSAN RAFAELMARafael Racquet Club08/01/2017
RAFAEL RC 40MX7.0B Walker,StevenSAN RAFAELMARafael Racquet Club08/05/2017
RAMSAY PK TA/RAMSAY PK 40MX7.0A Alsberg,Sarah TanWatsonvilleMBRamsay Park07/23/2017
RENO TENNIS CENTER 40MX7.0A Urrutia,Mary LouRenoRTReno Tennis Center08/21/2017
RICHMOND TA/NICHOLL PK 40MX7.0A Sutinen,JonRichmondEBNicholl Park08/14/2017
RIO DEL ORO 40MX7.0A Kaiser,CindySACRAMENTOSARio Del Oro Racquet Club08/16/2017
ROEDING PK TENNIS CL/ROEDING PK 40MX7.0A Po,ChanFresnoFARoeding Regional Park08/14/2017
ROLLING HILLS 40MX7.0A Van Weele,KristinNOVATOMARolling Hills Club07/20/2017
ROUND HILL CC 40MX7.0A Ferrara,BillALAMODNRound Hill Country Club07/19/2017
SALESIAN HS 40MX7.0A Vu,HocRichmondEBSalesian High School08/13/2017
SAN CARLOS TC/ARGUELLO PK 40MX7.0A Herur,VinodSan CarlosUPArguello Park08/02/2017
SAN CARLOS TC/ARGUELLO PK 40MX7.0B Hesotian,JackSan CarlosUPArguello Park08/09/2017
SAN JOSE SR 40MX7.0A Terao,SherriSAN JOSESBSan Jose Swim Racquet Club08/15/2017
SANTA CLARA TC/SANTA CLARA TENNIS C 40MX7.0A Looking Brunkhorst,RobertSanta ClaraSBSanta Clara Tennis Center at Central Park08/07/2017
SARATOGA CC 40MX7.0A Mulholland,FredSARATOGASBSaratoga Country Club08/13/2017
SCOTT VALLEY 40MX7.0A Multhaup,EricMILL VALLEYMAScott Valley Swim/Tennis Club07/27/2017
SEASCAPE SC 40MX7.0A Perez,EdAPTOSMBSeascape Sports Club08/01/2017
SEQUOIA HS 40MX7.0A Chan,RonaldRedwood CityMPSequoia High School 07/20/2017
SIERRA SPORT 40MX7.0A Christensen,CaineFRESNOFASierra Sport Racquet Club08/12/2017
SILVER CREEK 40MX7.0A Stanziale,LisaSAN JOSELPSilver Creek Valley Country Club08/10/2017
SUN OAKS T F 40MX7.0A Noll,PhilipREDDINGNCSun Oaks Tennis and Fitness Club08/09/2017
SUN OAKS T F 40MX7.0B Goss,MatthewREDDINGNCSun Oaks Tennis and Fitness Club08/12/2017
SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC 40MX7.0A Reitman,RichSunnyvaleSBSunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center07/17/2017
SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC 40MX7.0B Mandrusov,AlexSunnyvaleSBSunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center07/17/2017
SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC 40MX7.0C Maliksi,RocelleSunnyvaleSBSunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center07/17/2017
SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC 40MX7.0D Leung,GailSunnyvaleSBSunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center07/27/2017
TERRA NOVA HS 40MX7.0A Parks,DeaPacificaSFTerra Nova High School08/13/2017
VALLEY VISTA RC/VVRC COURTS 40MX7.0A Polidori,ClaudiaWalnut CreekDNValley Vista 07/17/2017
WALNUT COUNTRY 40MX7.0A Ibrahim,JosephConcordDNWalnut Country-Crossings07/17/2017
WALNUT CREEK 40MX7.0B Petrov,JuliaWalnut CreekDNWalnut Creek Tennis Center07/17/2017
WALNUT CREEK RC/WALNUT CREEK 40MX7.0A McBee,GlennWalnut CreekDNWalnut Creek Tennis Center07/17/2017
WIKIUP R SC 40MX7.0A Ireland,StantonSANTA ROSASMWikiup Racquet Swim Club08/14/2017
WILLOW PASS PK 40MX7.0A Indick,JonathanConcordDNWillow Pass Park07/17/2017