Lorraine Randall

2012 Adult League Mens 4.5
CUESTA TC M4.5B ["Crushed"]
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Public Notes from NorCal:
Congratulations to all teams heading to Districts this weekend: The schedules of match play and who you are playing is on the PDF that was sent to your captain and is posted on the adult league webpage. The listing below of who you are playing is NOT in order and has nothing to do with the schedule, only showing who your opponents are during the whole weekend. Be sure to hydrate, it's going to be warm/hot!! No dogs allowed at facilities, bring extra ice/water and chairs. Good Luck and HAVE FUN!!

Captain: Giles, Howard
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Co-Captain: Nguyen, Dean
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Area: Peninsula - Mid
Home facility: Cuesta Tennis Center

Web address: NA
Currently playing Local league

RoundMatches ScheduledMatches PlayedWinsLossesIndividual
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Team Schedule  
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Status Match Match date Day Match time Opposing Team Home/
Outcome Blank
Score Card
Confirmed 1 (3/26-4/1) 03/29/12Thu 4/1 at  6:00 PM and 7:15 PM Courts 9,10,11,12PENINSULA CC M4.5A [Smash Brothers ] HomeLost 0-5-
Confirmed* 2 (4/2-4/8) 06/06/12Wed All 5 at  6:15 PM Rescheduled NOT confirmed yetALPINE HILLS M4.5A AwayLost 1-4-
Confirmed 4 (4/16-4/22) 04/19/12Thu 4/1 at  6:00 PM and 7:15 PM Courts 9,10,11,12FREMONT HILLS CC M4.5A HomeLost 2-3-
Confirmed* 5 (4/23-4/29) 04/28/12Sat 3/2 at  3:00 PM and 4:30 PM Court #5,6,7MOUNTAIN VIEW TC/RENGSTORFF PK M4.5A AwayLost 0-5-
Confirmed* 6 (4/30-5/6) 05/03/12Thu 4/1 at  6:00 PM and 7:15 PM Courts 9,10,11,12PALO ALTO HS M4.5A HomeLost 0-5-
Confirmed* 7 (5/7-5/13) 05/09/12Wed All 5 at  6:00 PM Match @ Peninsula Tennis ClubPENINSULA GCC M4.5A [PGCC / PTC] AwayLost 2-3-
Confirmed 8 (5/14-5/20) 05/14/12Mon 4/1 at  7:00 PM and 8:15 PM Courts 9,10,11,12CUESTA TC M4.5A [RED HAWKS] HomeLost 2-3-
Confirmed 9 (5/21-5/27) 05/24/12Thu 4/1 at  6:00 PM and 7:15 PM Courts 9,10,11,12FOOTHILLS TandS M4.5A HomeLost 0-5-
Confirmed* 10 (5/28-6/3) 06/03/12Sun All 5 at  2:00 PMMENLO CIRCUS M4.5A AwayLost 0-5-
Confirmed* 11 (6/4-6/10) 06/10/12Sun 3/2 at  1:15 PM and 2:30 PM courts 5-7PACIFIC ATH C M4.5A AwayLost 1-4-
Legend: o - Opponent entered the score card.

Team Roster
PlayerCityGenderRatingNP/SWExpirationWin/ LossMatchesDefaultsWin %SinglesDoublesPDSRostered
Burke, Neville D Mountain ViewM4.0C3/31/20190 / 55-0.00%41---02/17/12
Domingo, Angelo Q San JoseM4.0C12/31/20150 / 44-0.00%-4---03/04/12
Drumm, Kirby A Mountain ViewM4.0C6/30/20182 / 68-25.00%-8---02/28/12
Entwistle, Simon A Palo AltoM4.5s3/31/20130 / 00-------03/30/12
Giles, Howard J Mountain ViewM4.5C7/31/20152 / 810-20.00%-10---02/29/12
Khilnani, Rajiv San FranciscoM4.0b4/30/20150 / 33-0.00%12---03/03/12
Lui, Vincent W SunnyvaleM4.5s3/31/20130 / 22-0.00%-2---04/08/12
Nguyen, Dean H Mountain ViewM4.0C7/31/20153 / 58-37.50%-8---02/29/12
Omictin, Guy Edsel G SunnyvaleM4.0C4/30/20171 / 12-50.00%-2---03/05/12
Panchal, Samir Los AltosM4.0C3/31/20190 / 00-------02/28/12
Paragas, Bernie Mountain ViewM4.5C3/31/20151 / 56-16.67%33---03/01/12
Raines, Taylor J Mountain ViewM4.5C12/31/20992 / 35-40.00%5----02/29/12
Rao, Santosh A Santa ClaraM4.0C12/31/20990 / 11-0.00%-1---03/02/12
Shankar, Ravi CupertinoM4.0C2/28/20151 / 34-25.00%-4---02/18/12
Swarup, Neil Los AltosM4.0s8/31/20150 / 33-0.00%21---03/05/12
Tiumalu, Samu MilpitasM4.5C5/31/20170 / 00-------02/23/12
Torres, Pete MOUNTAIN VIEWM4.5C10/31/20120 / 22-0.00%-2---03/27/12
Tran, Jon T Mountain ViewM4.0C5/31/20181 / 23-33.33%12---03/26/12
Truong, Rick San JoseM4.0b3/31/20160 / 22-0.00%-2---02/27/12
Wardle, Gregory San JoseM4.5C12/31/20990 / 44-0.00%31---02/21/12
Wrubel, David A Mountain ViewM4.0C4/30/20150 / 44-0.00%13---03/20/12

  • NP/SW: Indicates National Player or Sectional Winner : Refer to the Move Up-Split Up rule for clarification
  • Win/loss: Wins do not include default wins. Any numbers in ( ) indicate actual scores prior to eligibility adjustments.
  • Eligibility: Match requirements to be eligible for Playoffs, Districts and Sectionals. Refer to Local League Rules for national eligibility.
  • Post season: number of matches played in Playoffs (P), Districts (D), Sectionals (S).
  • Note: Eligibility requirements for post season play vary for different leagues. Refer to Local League Rules
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